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Stopping Reposession

The current credit crunch has left many caught out. Insecurity and uncertainty of employment and cost of living generally has left many struggling to make mortgage repayments. If you’re looking to avoid repossession there are a number of ways we can structure a sale or lease option to allow you to stop repossession, protect your credit history, and make the best out of the value you have in your property.


Avoid Repossession

We have a number of alternatives to sort out your repossession problems; there is a plan to suit every situation. This also means that we can provide you with financial solutions to save you from going bankrupt. Please be honest and face up to your situation as we are more likely to be able to help you avoid repossession if you contact us as soon as the crisis arises rather than wait for the situation to worsen.


We can help you

We are genuine cash buyers and can complete the purchase of your property very quickly. We take care of all the paperwork and legal processes involved in the repossession process.

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