Fernlea Property Solutions Ltd

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Selling property fast in a few simple steps


Our mission is to provide a professional and seamless opportunity and service to facilitate a quick house sale with advice and assistance along the way.

We use the latest database technology along with local market knowledge to establish thetrue Market value of your property.


If you are a landlord and wish to sell your house fast with sitting tenants, we will not contact them under any circumstances without your permission.


We do not offer a one solution fits all approach to your situation. We don’t simply offer you just cash for your property if the circumstances don’t fit. We offer varied trusted legally approved solutions even if you have little or no equity in your property. What we do offer to everyone is an honest and fair solution with a rapid completion.


The Process ……………….




~ You contact us with details of the property


~ We talk through your current circumstances with you


~ You give us the property description, including any other relevant information.


~ We ask you to be honest about the property, and any problems relating to it – both financial and its condition




~We will assess the property value quickly and confirm our cash offer to you


~ If it is not a normal direct sale, as appropriate we will detail our solution to you




~ You request the timetable that suits you


~ If the offer is accepted, we will instruct solicitors and progress with the legal process.


Legal process


~ All your work will be completed by your solicitor, who will engage with you during the conveyancing process and make sure that they are acting in your best interest. In the event of a non-standard deal, we will provide an experienced legal advisor who understands the arrangements to act on your behalf.




~ We can act as quickly as you request. The standard timetable would be completion within 28 days, however we can buy your property in less than 7 days if you want an immediate sale.


~ On completion, the cash funds are sent to your solicitor and you can enjoy the money as you wish.


~ We invest our own capital and on occasion raise funds via a partnered resource of cash investors who have immediate access to available funds. We retain control of the sale or financing process and such use of partner funds does not delay the sale process or agreed completion date.


~ In addition to the thorough processes we use to determine our final figure, we offer a fast and effective service, turning quick home sales into valuable cash amounts rapidly, aiming to make you a cash offer within 48 hours of our initial conversation.


How we value your property


Our service to you is completely free. If you decide to sell your property for cash to us, your only cost comes from the buyer’s offer that is below the property’s open market value. The open market value is defined as the likeliest sale price between a willing buyer and willing seller in the open market. In other words, what the property is really worth.


We determine the open market value of a property based on research and evidence. The open market value will then need to be discounted for a quick sale. The level of discount varies depending on each individual case but we pride ourselves on providing a competitive purchase offer.


When we or one of our cash buyer partners buys a property, we take over all the risks and costs associated with raising the cash, keeping the property and ultimately letting it out or subsequently disposing of it in the future. At the same time, we or our cash investor partners forego other investment opportunities when engaged on individual purchases. In general, half the discount from a sale goes to covering direct costs in this regard.


Fernlea Property Solutions Limited’s mission is to help sellers with their situations while sustaining a viable business. The aim is to achieve a positive outcome for both the seller and buyer. If a seller does not benefit from a quick sale, we recommend that he or she does not proceed to sell to us for cash.


Offering cash for properties is only one of the many ways in which we can help sellers with their situations. Even if you have little or no equity in your property, or if you do not feel comfortable with selling your property at below the market value, we can still help you.