Fernlea Property Solutions Ltd

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What we do

Our current business model in an ideal scenario is office/commercial conversion to residential. The Company is not restricted in terms of geography and look at any opportunity, ideally from 4000 to 60,000 square feet GIA. We do not necessarily need existing permitted development prior approval on such opportunities as we can manage that aspect ourselves and nearly always make unconditional offers for purchase of our project sites and buildings.


In addition, we will look at more traditional opportunities for any (building type) conversions with positive pre-application planning responses, existing outline, or full planning permission. It is often the case that such schemes are of mixed commercial and residential units.


As noted, we also develop plots of land with outline or full planning permission for residential development, for the construction of houses or apartment buildings.  The minimum size of plot which we seek is 0.5 hectares (1.2 acres) for a scheme but will look at individual smaller scale infill plots.  The maximum number of new build units on a site would generally be up to 25 houses, or 60 apartments.


We are innovative and like the challenging and quirky buildings as well!


Site purchase and development

We are usually cash buyers backed by a portfolio of high net worth individual investors and look at site acquisition opportunities at purchase values from £200k to £8M. The subsequent development funding is normally provided by specialist sector lending institutions with whom we have ongoing relationships. All funding is in place prior to the commencement of any scheme.


The project delivery team

The Company has a well-established delivery team with industry respected specialist partners providing funding requirements, legal support, accounting services, planning, and design. We have relationships with quality builders, construction support professionals, and downstream sales and marketing partners. We would be very happy to recommend any of our key partners to you.